Happy birthday Trevo! This looks nothing like a gift art, but I thought it would be fun to visualize her casual mention of Spain wearing this outfit. This year we started talking more to each other thanks to twitter, and I got to say I enjoyed all the hilarious conversations even more than before! Continue being awesome!

The most common souvenir I get when I travel are probably small keychains, but when I went to Portugal I didn’t know what I was doing, so I kind of regret not getting one of a Barcelos rooster. The very kind Sara sent me one to make up for the lack of cock in my collection. 

…and also make my keychain sufficiently NedPort. It was glorious.


Hi everyone!!! I’m super excited to announce the launch of Companion Croquis Kickstarter!!! I’m collaboratin with JiMi Agency to print a collection book of select pages from my many sketchbooks!!

★★★ Check it out!!!! ★★★

In a few days I will be making a giveaway post of the book!! There will be a couple of winners for the book after its funding ;) Thanks again for all your support up to now! <333

Check it out! I’ve seen these sketchebook in person and marveled at Ame’s beautiful art.

Thanks for 12 years of tears, joy and pure magic.

Old art re-upload as per request! Finished in 2010.

This is a 10 page comic that was part of “1920" anthology organized by the lovely and talented Orrie. I’m not good with serious stories so I stuck with the more comfortable short format and threw in few random facts I know about the time period…I don’t even know if I’m slightly funny but I’m delighted by the number of historical people I squeezed in there!

Thanks for your lovely birthday messages, today has been great and I am grateful and happy to come home and read them! Let me just post a simple thank you to all of you so I can keep them in my inbox forever <3


happy birthday ctcsherry!! kakyoin is your fave out of jjba right? here he is but don’t eat that cake because i can’t guarantee he hasn’t rolled all those cherries on his tongue /o\

i hope you have a fabulous year and please continue to grace us all with your a++++ art and awesome ^q^

Oh I’m totally ok if he rero’ed all over those cherries /winks Kakyoin is indeed my favourite, even after so many new characters being introduced! I’m so proud of you actually starting watching JJBA and LIKING IT TOO and congrats now you’ve drawn fanart! Sorry as amusing as your tags are I can’t spoil anymore things for you you just have to watch until the end

Wow another year idk how you can even stand me, thanks for sticking around and as I said before, you are a positive influence for me!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHERRY! I hope I contribute to the Klose fest you MUST be having! And of course APH Germany, because this fandom is the reason I’ve met you in the first place.

Oh yes, that is a football shaped cake, and it tastes like victory.

SO MANY KLOSES (and I never thought I’d use Klose in plural form) I’M SO HAPPYYYYYYYY I CAN STARE AT THESE ALL DAY I am going to go lie down and hyperventilate for a while ;A; The idea of Klose meeting Germany actually hit me right in the kokoro! That’s just so sweet! I’m still extremely buzzed about Klose so I guess the fest is still going on?! Don’t worry Trevo, you captured his essence perfectly! Everything you touch turns into magic! Thanks for sticking with me for yet another year, I’m am truly blessed to have run into you through Hetalia.


For ctcsherry, my partner in fangirling about Hetalia, football, travelling and stuffs <3 I haven’t managed to finish her request for past birthday (lost the data goddammit, so sorry bb!!!), so I hope she’ll forgive me with this offering of Miroslav Klose drawing instead.

Awwwww mai gawwwwwwd I’m dying of cuteness you know I cried when I saw this!? Oh you bet this makes up for everything THIS MADE MY YEAR! He’s so cute in your style (so coy, even with his Club 16 title, which is perfectly in sync with his humble demeanor)! Yes even though we are in opposite time zones, the fangirling never stops! I do hope we’ll continue to talk about countries (in context of all of the three things you mentioned) for many years to come! 

Happy birthday! (LJ reminded me that today is the day). Hope you have a wonderful day with plenty of great food and time to relax/enjoy yourself! — caffinatedstory

I already got the best bday gift i can possibly ask for a few days ago (/pretend high-five with Merkel who had her birthday yesterday)

I will sure to enjoy today by not working and enjoying good food. Already had clam pasta and Vietnamese coffee for lunch. Then I’ll catch up on the new Free and JJBA episodes, go shopping, and end the day with Rodízio (and my 534th glass of Caipirinha, most likely)! Thank you so much for the nice message, Coffee!

More Germany NT scribbles! I wanted to finish these before the final but obviously late, didn’t have much time to draw in the past few days. OTZ

I started out this WC being very attached to the old (like, so old) German team with Klose being the sole survivor, but after many games the young ones are finally growing on me. Aside from Klose finally lifting the cup, cheering with the city and with friends have made this my best WC experience ever! 

I’m happy now /lies down
He deserves everything

Left work early today and witness historical moment, words can’t describe my feelings right now

I had so much fun with the last one so I drew more! From snippets of the GER-ALG game - Urh not like this is surprising to anyone but I have so much admiration for Klose.

Can’t wait for Tuesday! 

Currently ditching work because obvious reasons