I had so much fun with the last one so I drew more! From snippets of the GER-ALG game - Urh not like this is surprising to anyone but I have so much admiration for Klose.

Can’t wait for Tuesday! 

Currently ditching work because obvious reasons

Utterly self-indulgent drawings of some Miro hugs ;3; I was sad that he didn’t play in the last game, but the cameramen seemed to feel my pain and gave me lots of gratuitous shots <3 My heart melted when he hugged Neuer in slow-mo ugugugugugugu 

It was a challenge to draw them in chibi style, but I hope I didn’t fail too hard?


My thoughts exactly, Rais. 


A collection of twitter logs that I made while watching World Cup 2014 group stage matches. So much drama happening in World Cup this year I was ;as;lfshaflhsfsfk


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1. Click the question mark in the top right-hand corner.


2. When the help center screen pops up, type in “report.”

3. Click on the “pass the URL onto us” link.


Using this method will automatically attach a signature sort of thing to the bottom of your email, which will give Tumblr…

As a result of my recent outburst regarding stolen art, I was redirected to this by some friends. Aside from the method outlined in this post, you can also directly email abuse@tumblr.com - simply provide the permalink of the post in question and your original art post.
The tumblr staff will remove the infringing post AND all the reblogs. My request was resolved within one business day (so might need to wait a bit on weekends/holidays)
Reblogging so letting more artists know about this!
quite-a-character said: the-princess-of-awesome-stuff stole your world cup uniform art set and removed your watermark.

Usually I resolve these kinds of things privately, but I just had it about up my throat with all the stupidity recently. 

I do not like when people repost my arts on tumblr when I already made the exact same post. The only reason why people do this is to use my arts as a cheap way to boost their own internet popularity, which is immature and sketchy.

Not sourcing is worse. I started using watermarks because a lot of people are too lazy/careless to source, not as an excuse to not do so. 

but EDITING IT AND BUTCHERING IT I HATE. The post in question has all the pictures in the wrong resolution, wrong order, pixelated, and not to mention one of my watermark was cropped! That’s low and repulsive.

So not impressed.

sakuraengel99 said: who are you cheering for the world cup ?

Germany, Portugal, Netherlands and Italy, more or less in that order but might change depend on how each team performs during the tournament. ! In other cases I’ll cheer for the underdog!

I have not decided what I’m doing for Monday but probably just scream a lot.


ctcsherry replied to your post “FORÇA HOLANDA TODAY I’M ORANGE”

Embrace the orange!



It’s such intense game OMG I did not expect this. So much fun connecting and watching with you guys!

All the World Cup countdown pics in one post, as per request!

Last one and the games begin!

Last one and the games begin!