The Formosan Mountain Dog is Taiwan’s native dog breed which hunted alongside the indigenous people in mountain terrain. The Atayal tribe considered this dog breed to be sacred. With the introduction of foreign political powers (Netherlands, Japan and China) comes cross-breeding with foreign dog breeds, relocation of indigenous villages, customs to consume dog meat, all that plus the lack of conservative efforts, the breed was almost wiped out. Today few breeders are working hard to repopulate this breed.

Sketch is for my little Canonite Pala! You’re the cutest thing I’ve ever seen and of course an amazing artist! Happy Birthday! May the upcoming year be filled with great travel stories and cameras and all that fun stuff!

Portuguese podengo is a primitive type dog - introduced to Iberia by the Phoenicians and the breed haven’t changed much since. Traditionally used for hare hunting, they are also very good companion dogs. 

This sketch is kind of sequel to this. I love devious brother!Port!

This one is for Tatewaki! Happy birthday! We haven’t known each other for very long but I feel we have a lot in common and I look forward to the upcoming year! Your art is so good, you totally deserve more fans! I woud fav your art sooo many times!

Hungary and Puli! I totally went overboard with the colouring…a lot of experimenting and a lot of fun drawing this pic!

This one’s for another fellow dog lover, Ameru! Thank you for being such an awesome friend, you are like the little sister I never had. (Even if you like dogs that look like cleaning tools!)

Air Transat: Toronto-Amsterdam, Roundtrip, direct - $694
KLM: Toronto-Amsterdam, Roundtrip, direct - $1108

Royal Dutch Airlines, if you are going to charge $400 more than a budget airline, your flight attendants BETTER LOOK LIKE THIS.

I’m going to dedicate this picture to Youko! She suggested I should add a Keeshond to another set of fanarts, but I didn’t use the idea there, so instead I’m gonna use it in this series of sketches!

For the anon and others who shown interest in screencaps of my colouring process, I will be posting those later! 

Crossing off Tibet from the “Hetalia characters I haven’t drawn yet” yay! I am trying to train myself to paint faster. Through Tibet. Yes.

Hello new followers! If you found me through frilly Netherlands, I make fun of him because I like him a lot! Itstrueplsbelieveme. Also I am currently working on a big pile of WIPs, so if you don’t see me posting on tumblr for a while, I am not dead! Hopefully I can slip in a few sketches from time to time!