Before I start doing this meme I already knew what it’s going to be like…2012 was a year of large projects! Not sure if any improvement, but I’m glad I did the Airlines and the CIV leaders series of fanart. I like doing backgrounds but they’re time-consuming and under-appreciated, and these two project kind of forced me to suck it up lol. Also I haven’t tried imitation in years, and it’s actually a very good learning tool I’ve been ignoring. CIV V used many interesting colour schemes and lightings that I wouldn’t have noticed until I attempt to draw them. This project will probably extend well into 2013.

As usual, I am oblivious to what’s happening in fandom and had been geeking out in my little corner off really random things. Woah thanks for hanging around guys I am forever surprised for people that had to deal with my absurd hobbies.

Looking at January’s Denmark piece I can’t wait to watch the last two seasons of Amazing Race over the holidays, hopefully there will be something inspiring <3

Looking at this I’ve noticed these things:

- after three months of drawing facial hair and old people not colouring , the latter half of the year is me experimenting with different colouring methods. Main goal’s to be more efficient? I want to keep the high contrast look but avoid spending time on unnecessary details.
- beginning and ending the year with New Zealand (how did that happen)
- September I was mostly on vacation so all I got is that Keeshond judging me for not being productive. 

Well 2011 is another year of Hetalia fun times and not planning to stop in the near future! Are you all tired of me yet lol.