LOL I’ve been abusing this, sorry! This made me laugh and go WTF so I though you should see it too!

Wow! That is an awesome picture! I really love the way New Zealand’s hair has been painted, and the little kiwi is just adorable! Everything about this picture is so adorable! The blues and the oranges… ahhh I just love blues put together with oranges like that. I wonder who the artist was, it’s such a shame that I can’t see anymore of their art because it was sourced from zerochan?

Oh hey looky there

Hi there Sherry

Now let me resource this thing for you…

(What did it mean when the OP says “abusing”? This is unsettling….)

I recently took a look at my stuff on zerochan and wow it angers me a bit that people there seems to have mistaken that I actually deliberately upload my arts on there. Why would I showcase my drawings with such little care? I explicitly say I don’t want my WIP reposted on there, and someone can’t take a simple instruction. if they want to talk to me, find me here or other websites that I actually maintain, not on zerochan. I don’t want my followers or anyone thinking zerochan is an acceptable source, it’s not.






The artist of this has a deviantart, tumblr, AND a pixiv, and this is being sourced from zerochan? really?

I have concluded that my watermark is not big enough. (Thanks for adding source Cyntha bb <3)





Took seven hours to colour

oh god I never cel-shade. 

Ok I just got to reblog this! Who are you you wonderful person who coloured this *_* and the clothes are all the right colours! Oh man I love people who use references.

That awkward moment when you see your art pops up on your dash

I have said this many times in different places. I’m ok with my fanarts being reposted and reblogged as long as source is given. I’m not even picky about where - LJ, dA, pixiv, tumblr. Doesn’t matter. 

Ok you got the image somewhere on the internet and don’t know source. I see pieces I recognize on my dashboard and I message the OP directly and ask to please include source. It’s very easily done on tumblr I even included the post link to save you the trouble of finding your own 49035890384 posts. (Thank to those who replied me and have done so, you guys have my complete appreciation).

Nothing happens. Ok there’s not much I can do about people who ignore my little request, but I do have the freedom to call these people out.

How many times do you see notes asking “who drew this I want to know”? Artists spent minutes to hours to days drawing a picture, and bloggers have the enjoyment of blogging these pictures (for the purpose of having fun, socializing, sharing etc) for a fraction of that time spent. Bloggers, don’t you think we deserve at least a source? Should we all just start slapping ugly watermarks on every single picture instead? 

It only bugs me even more that people are actively crediting those who make icons, but not the artists the icons are cropped from. Not to mention those reposted arts that gets freaky colors and editing or horribly squished and blurred after re-uploading onto some image sharing webspace.

Even though it might become useless effort in the end, I’m going to continue sending different OPs sources of my own and artists I know of, when I see that the source of the picture is someone else.