Happy birthday Trevo! This looks nothing like a gift art, but I thought it would be fun to visualize her casual mention of Spain wearing this outfit. This year we started talking more to each other thanks to twitter, and I got to say I enjoyed all the hilarious conversations even more than before! Continue being awesome!

The most common souvenir I get when I travel are probably small keychains, but when I went to Portugal I didn’t know what I was doing, so I kind of regret not getting one of a Barcelos rooster. The very kind Sara sent me one to make up for the lack of cock in my collection. 

…and also make my keychain sufficiently NedPort. It was glorious.

Thanks for 12 years of tears, joy and pure magic.

Old art re-upload as per request! Finished in 2010.

This is a 10 page comic that was part of “1920" anthology organized by the lovely and talented Orrie. I’m not good with serious stories so I stuck with the more comfortable short format and threw in few random facts I know about the time period…I don’t even know if I’m slightly funny but I’m delighted by the number of historical people I squeezed in there!

More Germany NT scribbles! I wanted to finish these before the final but obviously late, didn’t have much time to draw in the past few days. OTZ

I started out this WC being very attached to the old (like, so old) German team with Klose being the sole survivor, but after many games the young ones are finally growing on me. Aside from Klose finally lifting the cup, cheering with the city and with friends have made this my best WC experience ever! 

I had so much fun with the last one so I drew more! From snippets of the GER-ALG game - Urh not like this is surprising to anyone but I have so much admiration for Klose.

Can’t wait for Tuesday! 

Utterly self-indulgent drawings of some Miro hugs ;3; I was sad that he didn’t play in the last game, but the cameramen seemed to feel my pain and gave me lots of gratuitous shots <3 My heart melted when he hugged Neuer in slow-mo ugugugugugugu 

It was a challenge to draw them in chibi style, but I hope I didn’t fail too hard?


My thoughts exactly, Rais. 

All the World Cup countdown pics in one post, as per request!

Last one and the games begin!

Let the countdown begin!